The Dad Dive – May 4, 2022

A tale of two blockchains: Transaction fees are important on decentralized systems. This was evident from the fact that two blockchains functioned in very different ways this past week. Late Saturday, US Eastern time, the Solana blockchain shut down for seven hours. This happened “…after what one insider called “insane amount of data” flooded the proof-of-stake chain, knocking validators out of consensus and grinding block production to a halt.

“Bots had swarmed the popular non-fungible token (NFT) minting tool known as Candy Machine earlier Saturday with an unprecedented tsunami of inbound traffic: four million transaction requests and 100 gigabits of data every second – a record for the network, one person at the Solana Foundation said.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Yuga Labs’ sold land in the metaverse triggering a spike in Ethereum transaction fees. The Bored Apes company saw hopeful NFT buyers spend $200 million or 71,000 Ether on fees!

The Dad Curve

Crypto exchange Coinbase and investment bank Goldman Sachs executed the first Bitcoin-backed loan.

Analyst Corner

AR Alerts was on a roll!

Dads Never Give Up

ScalpFather had to balance work and trading:

But in the end, he made it!

Your Friendly Reminder

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