The Dad Dive – March 3, 2022

We are living in weird times. Russia is just not letting up on Ukraine. The latest focus of Putin’s fury is Mariupol, a strategic southern port near Ukraine’s border with Russia. Russia has already taken control of Kherson, another key port city. If Russia captures more southern cities, Ukranian armed forces could lose access to the seas.

As Crypto Dad TigerStyle puts it so eloquently:

News to watch out for:

Crypto Winter? No way, says Bank of America. In a note titled Digital Assets: In the Flow, the bank wrote that macroeconomic headwinds tightening of monetary policy by the US Fed will hit the crypto world but there won’t be a ‘crypto winter’.

Don’t believe them? Here’s how the flagship crypto has delivered compared to traditional asset classes:

One crypto to keep an eye out for is Terra. This crypto is turning out to be a silent killer in the market. It’s LUNA coin has now cracked the top 10 capitalizations in the crypto space. Stakingrewards shows that LUNA has passed Ether to become the second-largest staked asset among major cryptocurrencies.

A Dad’s Brain Trust

The list of analysts on Crypto Dads has been growing like crazy. Their analysis has been spot on and the results are here for everyone to see:

Kenny Alerts who celebrates everyone’s success:

The sober Enjo

The stoic MasterJ