The Dad Dive – March 24, 2022

The real estate game is won on three factors: Location, location, and location. This holds true in the metaverse as it does in the physical world. This episode of The Breakdown says that big banks are making big investments in the metaverse and a lot of it is in real estate. This Coindesk article gives you the ins and outs of investing in metaverse real estate. Check it out.

Meanwhile, is DeFi turning into the thing it set out to destroy? This paper by Hilary Allen, a professor at the American University Washington College of Law, says that DeFi is resembling shadow banking. She says, “Financial regulators should be very wary of the possibility of unlimited leverage building up in the DeFi ecosystem, particularly if there are channels of contagion that would allow fire sales in the DeFi ecosystem to impact the mainstream financial system and broader economy.”

A Dad Cheer

This week, Stock Dads, LLC formally announced a partnership with TCG World (https://tcg.world/), the largest open world metaverse on Binance Smart Chain. TCG World is an online, open-world, virtual gaming experience where players can earn TCG Coin 2.0, gather NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create, explore the game world, control their own online businesses, or just have fun.


The best testimonials are profits. And @DavidMos makes no qualms about flaunting them:

@Maximus had a decent outing as well

Your Friendly Reminder

BTW, do you know you can earn rewards by referring other enthusiasts to the Crypto Dads discord server? This is how you do it: We offer free time to people who help us grow our community. You can earn referrals by sharing your referral code with people. When you give someone your referral code, they get 25% off their first payment. Once you get enough referrals, you can redeem rewards. Use this guide to learn how to do that. https://bit.ly/3L11jJR

We also launched the Crypto Dads Academy. Stock Dads, LLC has partnered with @Master J to provide a robust Crypto educational course with over 7 hours of content ranging from beginner to advanced. You can click here to view the videos: https://vimeo.com/showcase/9192244.  The password is available to Crypto Dad’s members.