How to Find Remote Work If You’ve Lost Your Job During the Pandemic

Contributor: James Hall

Losing a job is never easy, especially when you work from home as a freelancer, independent contractor, or remote employee and dread the thought of re-adjusting to an office environment once the pandemic ends. However, losing your remote job during the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean your work-from-home career needs to come to an end. In fact, you can use this extra time on your hands to perfect your resume and cover letter, search for new employment opportunities that fit your skills and abilities, and create the ultimate home office space. For some tips and resources that will help you to get started, read on!


Craft an Attention-Grabbing Resume

A perfectly crafted resume is key to finding and landing your dream work-from-home job. As such, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind as you write and organize a resume that catches the attention of hiring managers and helps you to land your next big work-from-home job.


● Use a downloadable template to transform your standard resume into one that’s professional, sleek, organized, and easy for recruiters and employers to read.

● A good CV contains relevant information that leaves a lasting impression on your potential clients and employers.

● Craft your resume for the role you want. Use keywords that describe your professional skills and abilities and best match the position to which you are responding to.

● Write a strong cover letter that conveys your value, professional background, and interest in the company.


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Explore New Opportunities

While many of us have used a job board site at one time or another, some of these websites are better than others when it comes to finding and landing remote work opportunities. To assist you in utilizing these websites during the pandemic, we’ve compiled the following job search tips and resources.


● Browse listings on top-rated job search sites. Depending on your industry, niche job boards could also be helpful.

● Narrow your online job search as much as possible. Use keywords that match the type of work you’re looking for, such as “remote,” “freelance,” “contract,” or “part-time.”

● If you decide to get into freelance work or start your own business, make sure you’re in compliance with business regulations within your state.

● Keep in mind, as a business owner or freelancer, you’re responsible for any data you collect from clients or customers. Make sure you protect yourself and your customers with proper cyber security protocols.

Live Your Best Work-From-Home Life

Even if you’ve been working from home for years, there are a few things you can do during this period of unemployment that will help to make your next work-from-home job the best one yet. The following tips will help you to transform your workspace and alleviate feelings of isolation as you comply with social distancing guidelines and work from home during and after the pandemic.


● Turn your workspace into one that boosts productivity, fits your lifestyle, and meets the demands of your work-from-home career.

● Incorporate a few self-care strategies into your everyday life, such as exercising often, staying hydrated, and showering and dressing every morning. Even wearing loungewear counts as getting dressed!

● Join an online community of other remote employees and spend your lunch breaks video chatting with loved ones to combat loneliness and feelings of isolation.

● Utilize communication and collaboration tools like Zoom, Skype, and 8×8 Video Meetings to stay in touch with colleagues and co-workers.


Losing your work-from-home job doesn’t mean you’ll need to return to an in-office position once the pandemic ends. Instead, these job search tips and resources will help you to find reliable opportunities while living your happiest, healthiest life as a successful work-from-home professional.