Five Stocks We Are Buying in November 2022

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Five Stocks We Are Buying in November 2022

As we still face a lot of uncertainty with a global recession and falling stock prices, it’s important to start evaluating opportunities and potentially start adding to long-term positions. Nobody knows when the exact bottom will be in for the stock market, and anyone that says they do is lying. So, rather than over-exposing yourself to any positions if the market continues to drop, or under-exposing yourself if the market decides to reverse, the best way (in our opinion) is to start Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) into strong companies that you believe are currently undervalued. The following are five stocks that some of the Stock Dads are buying in November 2022.

Perion Network (Ticker: PERI)

PERI is one of our favorite stocks EVERY month. This profitable ad technology company is growing revenue by 30%, even in a recession. Thanks to their proprietary technology and their partnership with Microsoft, they have a lot of cash, no debt, a cheap valuation, and are breaking out on the chart.

Amazon (Ticker: AMZN)

We’ve been buying this one on the way down from $100. Amazon is now cutting costs to become more profitable, and they’re making over 500 billion in sales this year. It’s tough to imagine Amazon going anywhere but up from here in the long run. Without Jeff Bezos in the CEO’s office, it may not be as exciting of a stock as it once was, but make no mistake, Amazon is still a force to be reckoned with.

Ford (Ticker: F)

Another stock we have been buying every month. Ford has such a big dividend, and we believe they are a great low-value company. For has been trimming fat at the executive level and is making moves in the Electric Vehicle (EV) space. They have also been making some smart, high-ROI investments. They are not the company they once were, and getting turned around will not happen overnight, but they are moving in a direction that gets us excited.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (Ticker: AMD)

AMD makes semiconductor chips for artificial intelligence and gaming data centers which are two sectors we love for future growth potential. We also like the support they seem to have on the chart around the $55 mark. If they can stay above that, we think they’ll fare well in the future and potentially return to all-time highs.

iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (Ticker: ICLN)

You can pretty much buy any ETF at this point, but we are buying the clean energy ETF, ICLN. With this ETF you have great exposure to strong utility, industrial, technology, and basic materials companies that are involved in clean energy, solar hydrogen, and more. The clean energy movement will continue to be a priority for years to come, so companies that are at the forefront of that movement will eventually be apparent. The ETF gives you exposure to most of them.

As always, this is not financial advice. You MUST do your own research. We are not licensed financial advisors, but these are stocks that we are personally buying. If you choose to buy them as well, understand that it is at your own risk, and we are not guaranteeing anything. If you want to learn more about investing and trading or get our trade and investment alerts in real time, consider joining our Discord. Every Pro and Hall-of-Fame member gets their own personal 1:1 mentor and access to a ton of value. Check out our plans page for more details.

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